judging clothing items

i will pick 5 items to judge today. 1. spiked collar – awful, read my spiked collar rant 2. necklace – rarest item in my opinon 3. bright idea hat – lag and memes 4. bow and arrow – basic non member item 5. rare sparkly boa – just plain fab  

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spiked collar/”rare” rant

people on animal jam just LOOOVE spiked collars, but i feel like the only person who wouldn’t side with the phantoms for a spiked collar, any type of spike. wristbands, collars, top hats, diamond shop spikes, rare spikes, spiked table (animal jam play wild), it seems like the next animal in animal jam will be […]

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aj freeze over?

today animal jam has posted on their instagram page stating that the lands of jamaa will be FROZEN? i have an idea of what might be the case. the alphas of jamaa cannot contain mt shiveer’s ice and snow, the bridges break and snap. also the invisible barriers break so that means the cold air […]

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wensday look

this will be a new thing i will do every wensday i will pick one of my animal jam outfits to post here, i can choose an existing look or make a new one, today i will pick an existing look of my toucan.

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my aj edits

i like to play animal jam and i edited some pictures to incorperate my ideas into the game but they aren’t really check them out.

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