spiked collar/”rare” rant

people on animal jam just LOOOVE spiked collars, but i feel like the only person who wouldn’t side with the phantoms for a spiked collar, any type of spike. wristbands, collars, top hats, diamond shop spikes, rare spikes, spiked table (animal jam play wild), it seems like the next animal in animal jam will be a spiked collar. it’s just annoying. but also they will do the same exact thing for anything they thing is “rare” or “beta” like masterpiece coins. dont get me started on promo items (from toys) every time a new animal jam toy hits the stores there is probably gonna be an ad for it in the jamaa journal. and then 6 days later when shopking (who has basically every last promo item and toy in the game) buys the toy and gets the promo item anyone who also has the item is basically swarmed and mobbed with everyone throwing their “rares”, “betas”, and spikes at them because they want to be swarmed and mobbed. clark stacy (seo of animal jam) says any item that helps you express yourself in the game and you like is rare. so a necklace could be the rarest item in the game for YOU. but for everyone else who thinks they’re just SO cool with their headdresses and spiked collars and spiked wristbands sitting on the jamaa township bridge in aldan, they think necklaces are the most unrare, unbeta, uncool item in the entire land of jamaa. NECKLACES WILL BECOME RARE. hear me now. necklaces will be the rarest item in the game and they will go out of stores and all the poor little “rare” people will be angry because they aren’t “rare” anymore.

man, i don’t like some people on animal jam.

next post: judging clothing items. hope you like it when it comes out (307 words)

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