Alpha Inspired Looks

Hello! I’m Love99662 here, and I am going to tell you about some Alpha Inspired Looks I made! I didn’t cover every Alpha, so feel free to suggest the ones I didn’t do in the comments! Look One: Greely Colors – Start with a wolf, then choose a dark dusty blue for your main color, […]

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animal jam books

i’m getting my animal jam book tomorrow, it’s the first book in the series and im super hyped! the code is going on a secret account, not my main. i don’t know what to write now…. um.

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and…. we lost!

gellyjones defeated sethyy in the great zios vs mira battle. i was counting on mira to pull through and defeat zios but NOOOO zios HAD to win, there’s nothing more to this blog pos- I FORGOT THE NEWSLETTER :O well. i’ll do it next time!   mira is still better then zios because mira is […]

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we can win team mira!

day 1 stats show team mira is ahead by just a little, i think mira will pull through and those items will become rare! (thats why i have at least 2 of each mira themed item from the event) and i dont think that just because im for team mira (i kinda do) but its […]

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team mira! 

so animal jam released the battle between team mira and team zios, i don’t think zios is the best character so i chose mira, in my team is created a “team mira fort”. basically just a team mira den but y’know team mira for the win!

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i love hue

we need more colors for our clothing items. it should be like choosing colors for your animal where they give you some colors and you choose from those colors, or maybe a color wheel. not a full color wheel but enough to give us some options. im sorry about not finishing my last post and […]

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underwater sky kingdom

that title doesn’t make sense. i know. but on animal jam’s instagram they posted a sneak peak of an underwater place. at first i was like “new land new land” but then i saw some den items in the underwater place. and the den was huge. i’ll post more when the update acutally comes out. […]

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